When I was abroad I received a commission to paint a cottage in Cartmel which is in the English Lake District in Cumbria. It will be for a present. The cottage seems to be an old mill, set beside the village stream. On drawing it I realised that there was no symmetry in this building. The photo I received is rather flat and taken in winter, so I have added some colour and put the leaves back on the trees.


Being away on the run-up to Christmas has caused me to miss some of the exhibitions around here. I managed to get my framer, Glynn, to hold his window for me so at least I got some paintings out before Christmas ( but only just). I have restricted it to landscapes of the area around us and called it ‘ Behind the Dunes’ as we have a very sandy beach around here. I forgot my camera when I set it up but here is an image from last year – apologies for the quality and my bike getting into the frame.

Thanks to Glynn at Ges Bur Studios, Southport for the space.

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I suppose I wanted to slop some paint around and do a simple landscape and the brooding layers of hills around Borrowdale seemed a good candidate. I had some photos taken from afar so there might be some topographical errors here, but I hope I’m not too far out and anyway the paint had a mind of its own as you know. I had envisioned a more brooding skyscape and it seemed ok when it was wet… . Same old story.

The scene does seem to pose a threat but walking along the banks of the Derwent, in decent weather,  as it flows through Borrowdale for me is a calming and serene experience. Well worth the drive up the M6.

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This is a view of Derwentwater, in the English Lake District, looking over to Castle Crag and Borrowdale. I wanted to play around with texture so included the rocks in the foreground. I love the range of hills which loom up behind Derwentwater with their ever changing colours and tones as the sun marches around the sky.

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I had an image of a lake but I wanted to add something in the foreground which would complement the mood. A fellow blogger Richard Baker on had some great shots of Wastwater and there was one with some rocks in the water. I realised  that I could use a similar motif. With some rocks leading the eye into the water, they could also echo the shapes of the hillside and I could maintain the colour balance.

I was pleased with the simplicity of the piece.

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Walking back from Bowness to Waterhead in Ambleside along the side of Wansfell Pike recently, I could see the rain coming in off the sea and making its way towards Windermere and me. I have been thinking of doing this in oils and thought a sketch in pastels might be worthwhile first.

I love the patches of illuminated country picked out against the formless gloom and the way landforms are lost and found in the low cloud.

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I was waiting for the paint to dry on an oil I am doing at the moment so I was looking around for something to do and picked on this. I still need to practise the undergrowth. I struggled with the bracken on the painting before last and am still struggling. The temptation is to go really loose which can look dynamic with splatter and runs but lacks form and I was trying to find some middle way. I was pleased with the mossy rocks and flow of the water. I might have another try at this.

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I have done a similar painting in the past of the boats gathered at the north end of Windermere in the English Lake District. The morning sun catches the surfaces of the boats. By darkening the water, highlights on the vessels are possible. I hadn’t tried this before. All the water surface has been darkened, though it doesn’t look like it. I reserved the lights for some of the vessels and the edge of the swan.

I once painted this scene on a winter’s morning, but gave up when the water on my palette froze. I should have tried the old trick of using alcohol, but decided for a photo instead and went inside for breakfast.

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