I managed to get the full figure on the sheet for once with this conte pastel study, but it does reduce the ability to develop detail.


I used the background as a middle tone and so had the figure coming in and out of focus or looking like a piece of  Emmental cheese, depending on your viewpoint.


A charcoal study with strong toplight completes the set of recently completed work  all done in  various life groups around Liverpool.

Other life paintings and drawings can be found on my website:




Ever taken on a project that has turned into long running saga? Here’s mine – after months of work. I wanted a large piece for a stairwell on a sea theme. I  was intrigued by the structure of waves in water where, within each wave, there are other levels and wavelets – the notion of fractals and ever repeating patterns and forms.

As I built the piece I  was taken by the anthropomorphic array  of the blocks, reminding me of serried ranks of Chinese warriors or in this case the throngs who try to cross seas in search of some form of a normal life. The colours perhaps reflect the failure and success of these individuals.

The wooden blocks were made from a couple of gates that I replaced. My neighbour didn’t want any more of the wood for their stove as the paint on the wood generated a lot of ash, so I took to cutting it down into strips to make the piece. It had an extra kind of resonance that the work is made from a gate.

After all this time, and having been able to mount it on a wall, I think it could be modified further, for better impact, so I fear it could be a few more months of work yet.

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