A little more extensive use of charcoal with the pastel though still not getting the grittiness or directness I am after.


In the one above I used even more charcoal, though probably too much and not to its greatest effect.


And finally a portrait of the child of a child of the sixties, but with the lighting so poor in the studio the features are flattened by the glaring light. Another of life’s little challenges, I expect some of you have shared.

Other life drawings are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com




This is a painting of a guy I was at art college with and who occasionally models. He stepped in last week when the original model pulled out. I was pleased with the face as it captured him really well, the trouble is with the hands, which I could have tidied up later, but as I gave him the painting at the end of the session, it’s too late.

Other life painting with better hands is available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


. P1020546(1)a

It’s not that  I’ve been idle  of late. I actually have two paintings on the go and painted a birthday card as well, but all I  have to show is  todays painting from the life session -very similar to the last one but the sex is different  in case you hadn’t noticed..

Other  figurative paintings are available on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com.



Well, back to the Liver Sketching Club last Saturday. They have a great studio on the seventh floor with a window the full length of one wall. This allows for great tonal contrasts. Pity that the owner is selling to a developer and they will have to vacate shortly.

I don’t have much of a selection of paintings to show as I started on another version of the camellias, I put up the last time. Here is the result. I think that that is enough.

P1020543(1)a  This is  watercolour, quarter imperial, 25x36cm.

Other figurative and floral paintings can be found on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


P1020512(1)My mobility is rather restricted at the moment so I haven’t been to any life sessions – its bad enough lugging an easel to them so the added restriction of crutches just makes me stay at home. What I thought I’d do is have a look at some of the quick 2 minute sketches and see if I could make anything of them. This is the first one I tried. It is rather plain, but I did intend a stark image – perhaps even starker – but I did like the calmness of the pose. In this one I included a hint of the face.

The original sketch is below, done without measurement, so I think the top of the arm is a little short. I might have a go at another and try a different style.


Other life paintings are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com