I have been lethargic of late and this was an attempt to break the cycle. I wanted to do a loose painting of a jugful of flowers my wife had gathered from the garden.

It started loose but became tighter as I played around with the lights and shadows. I think this approach works well with large blooms such as the camellias, but the daisies and other small flowers broke the rhythm and had me scratching around and tightening up.

Having completed the exercise I can see where improvements in technique can be made. Now, I just need to break the lethargy…

Other floral paintings can be found on my website:



I’ve been working for a while on this oil, waiting for the paint to dry has been the main cause of delay. It is the interior of my daughter’s flat in Gidea Park, which seems to be a posh end of Romford in Essex, but not that posh. I was taken by the range of greys which gave me a sense of calm and then these were complemented by the cabinet top and the light from the early morning sun coming through the window. The shadows create other forms which add to the dynamics. I didn’t make any arrangement of the ornaments, this was how they were. It had a life of its own.

Other paintings are on my website