P1020535(1)I’ve done scene before and posted it, but I came across it the other day and wondered if I could try it in the three cool colours I use, following on from the previous post where I used three warm colours. So this was done with lemon yellow, alizarin red and winsor blue. I have tried this combination before and found it  quite difficult, when compared to using the warm colours – maybe it’s the more staining effect of the winsor blue and  alizarin  which can quickly overpower the painting . I must  try a few more to see if you get a different feel to the paintings with the cooler colours.

I wasn’t completely happy with the original painting  which you can see below and applied the paints on this one  in a much looser way.


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p10203981I was working on some bigger and more intricate paintings when I saw an advert for travel which depicted a river valley. I loved the colours in the photo where green was the mother colour but didn’t overwhelm. I felt I needed a rest from my acrylics and banged out this sketch this morning. I decided to add a stand of trees as a focal point which I masked out, but in hindsight should have just protected by keeping the area dry instead. I intended using only three colours, warm red warm blue and warm yellow but quickly realised I needed a cool blue to help out and get the depths of colours that were needed.

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I was watching TV and there was an artist Norman Ackroyd painting some watercolours of woods in winter. I loved the greyness of these images along with the bare trees and after the programme I made up an image, just using washes of greys blues and purples just to see where it went.

Norman Ackroyd  is  a printer and I think he coordinated this year’s Royal Academy summer show. Some time ago there was  an infrequent series on the tele called “What do Artists do all Day” – a title which amused me. He was featured in it and it showed him  working on an etching of seabirds encircling a far flung Scottish Island. Needless to say some of his day was spent in a hostelry whilst he was waiting for things to develop. It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it.

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I often cycle through these woods and the light on a sunny day gives great contrasts. I’ve painted it before but felt the result was a bit stilted. So I was suckered in the other day and decided to have another go.

Still not sure. Perhaps I could get the darks a bit darker. I’ll ponder on it for a few days.

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When I was out painting the other day, as I put the bike back on the rack of the car, I looked over and noticed the trees in the field to my right. I’m not sure what I liked about it, the view behind into the far fields or the counter changes of light and shade, across the field. Anyway, here it is: an English meadow on a summer’s day.

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I wanted to try another single colour painting and thought that yellow might be worth a go. I wasn’t happy with the outcome as the tonal range was too shallow. Plan B was to mix a blue with one of the yellows. I selected winsor lemon and added varying amounts of French ultramarine. The ultramarine allowed me to get a bigger tonal range and hopefully a sense of calm and light I was after.

At the end I glazed the whole painting, except for the sun area, with winsor lemon. Not sure about the effect as it softened some of the features, but once done there’s no going back.

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I was experimenting with a series of abstracts inspired  by the changing of seasons. One of the forms I was considering was colour and I saw the birch which overhangs my garden and played around with backgrounds and colour combinations which I might use on the abstracts but this time I employed them in a representational image.

We haven’t yet got snow but the white in the image seemed to lift the image. It could be snow or light coming through the leaves. I tried to blur the background to infer form but not describe it. I will work further on this.

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