I was going to display some more sketches of my garden, but on Wednesday the sun rose early and I decided to get out and do my first painting of the year.

I had decided on the location but on my way I spotted that a mist was coming off the moss and that would have made painting very difficult, so I swerved off beachward and tried to find something interesting to do on the dune belt.

The first were the pines lit by the morning light, above.

Then I spotted this pine on the edge of the woods. I liked the colour of the bark in the light against the darkness of the woods behind,

I had one more sheet on my painting pad so I decided to head towards the sea and sat on top of a sand dune and painted, the admittedly rather mundane, view to the sea.

Not an exciting bunch of sketches, due to the location being forced on me by circumstance, but it was great to get out and just have a chance to sit and meditate for two or three hours in the sun. There was also one advantage of this social distancing – no-one bothered me as I worked – not that there were many out at that hour and location.

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I saw an image of pine trees in the winter, after a snowfall,l and I was taken by the soft cool colours denoting the background trees. I decided to have a go, but when I completed it the trees were not native to the UK and I was not happy with the foreground trees, they lacked some authenticity. I had another go, this time making the pines our local variety and felt happier with the result. As there are a lot of pine trees behind the sand dunes on the nearby beaches, I decided to  ground it in our local area with the title. I have done a number of forest scenes with mixed success, some sell others don’t. I think the darkness of the subject  puts people off. Still I’m happy with the outcome and might do a few more.