The other week when I went to get some reference material for an upcoming show, low morning sun-light exploded in between the leaves and branches of the willow trees which sat in the drainage ditches along the road I travelled on. Fortunately I had my camera beside me and I was able to snatch a few snaps. Even better was the fact that I managed to keep the car on the road at the same time and no passing motorists were harmed in the taking of these images.

I have been assembling and framing the paintings for the show and will be taking them in next week for hanging. I had forgotten about these images until I came across them the other day when I thought that I might make something out of them.

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P1020439(1)Continuing with images from my cycle ride the other morning. This is again done in three colours UM blue, Cad red and yellow, but the red is subdued to give a tighter chromatic range. I love the counter changes of light and shadow.

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I was looking to emphasise and practise foreground texture and had this image from last year of the drainage channels and reclaimed agricultural land that spreads out inland from the sea around here.  I liked the contrast between the spikey grasses  in the foreground and softer foliage on the right. This place is close to Maghull as you edge into Liverpool from Formby and Southport. It is accessible from a dismantled railway track which runs north south through the moss.

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