I put this out in October 2015 on this blog and then entered it into a number of local exhibitions but there were no takers. It also resided on my websites for a year and a half  and with the lack of interest I decided to replace it on my main website, but last week someone saw it on one  of my other websites which I dont update too often and they bought it. It just takes the right person to come along  and see it and you have a sale.

It has made me resolve to check what I do have out there on the web as it might have been embarrassing if I had cut it up and used it as scrap paper which I am prone do when practising techniques or developing paintings.

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I must admit to losing interest in this painting midway through, though I do love the cluster of readers under the umbrella. I noticed that there were a lot of these small libraries on beaches in Normandy, France. This was in Fecamp and there was one in Etretat. The hut had the label:  Lire a la Plage and people came down and read in the sunshine. It seemed amusing to see people fully clothed clustered in a group reading, ignoring the temptations of the beach.

I may have another go, focussing on the people and  cutting out the bulk of beach and cliffs, though the shadow of the cliffs gives a good counterpoint.

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We only went for a few days to Dieppe, mainly to pick up some cider and salad dressing and allow for my wife to use a bit of the French she has been working on all year long. This sketch was done by a small village stream whilst we rested during a walk we did, picking up a grande randonee (long distance walking track) out of Dieppe. We didn’t have a map so it we didn’t know where it was going. I had hoped it would take us along the cliff-tops, but it veered off  into the country and took us here instead.


As the wife went to the market I took a few minutes on the beach, as the mist started to come in. Just enough time to get the distant cliffs before they disappeared.

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I was watching some TV about seabird colonies in Scotland and the scenes of the wild sea made me want to try some techniques I saw in a book by Nita Engle. There is no brushwork in this painting except to use them to flick paint onto the paper and a little bit to finally render the seabirds. She actually uses an applicator to squirt the paint onto the paper so that you can get regression with the waves – a degree of control  that you cant achieve by flicking.

I did a second painting – Headland – which more reflected the programme, although the headland just appeared out of the marks so I did use a bit of brushwork to bring it to prominence .


I might use some pipettes I have to mimics the spray application and gain a bit of control with the waves.  However I do love the wildness that this approach brings. So I might bore you with another one soon.

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P1020481(1)This is the  beach at Fraserburgh which is east of Inverness in Scotland. Never been there myself. The nearest I’ve got  was Cawdor Castle, the reputed site of  the Macbeth saga. I was asked to paint this after my recent exhibition at the Martin Mere bird sanctuary. It was the first time I’ve submitted a body of work on one subject ( Landscapes from the Mersey to the Ribble). Having just had a few unsuccessful shows I was pretty negative about it, except that I thought that it would be a good exercise to muster around 35 paintings and put it on. With the commission they were taking along with the VAT they took off I had to put prices up so that added to my despondency.  In the end I sold a couple and got this commission, so all is not bad with the world.

Below are a few shots of the exhibition. Regulars might even recognise some of the paintings I’ve posted.







Some time ago I posted a version of this painting: see below. It has stood in my studio ever since  and I have viewed it on a daily basis. The other day I felt that it lacked structure and tonal contrast, so I took a photo of it, printed a few copies,  got the pastels out and played around.  I am a lot more excited by the second version. Also with the weight of tone at one end I also decided to turn it the other way up.


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