On Monday morning the forecast was for a clear start so I got up early hoping to take advantage of the light as we have had some mixed weather of late and are about to get some more rain this week.

I’d decided to cycle to the moss, a low lying, drained area, now mainly now used for agriculture, which is behind the sandy coastal strip where I live. Arriving soon after 5am, to my surprise, the whole place was shrouded in mist.

I decided to make a start near the higher coastal belt, and set up alongside one of the many drainage ditches.

As I worked the mist slowly dispersed and the trees in the background appeared – I thought that they were clouds at the start- and then houses also came into view – though it was too late to include them. The picture directly above was the result. In the damp, cool conditions drying the washes was difficult and parts were still glossy wet when I packed up to leave. I carried the painting open on my bike, hoping to dry it as I wobbled along, searching for another subject. By now the sun was out and I eventually found a path across the fields as a subject shown at the top.

The week before last I was visiting my ailing mother on the southcoast and did some paintings as I sat around beside the sea in between preparing lunch and tea.

The last one is my stepbrother’s cafe in St Leonards, Sussex which I might work up into something more finsihed later.

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I put this out in October 2015 on this blog and then entered it into a number of local exhibitions but there were no takers. It also resided on my websites for a year and a half  and with the lack of interest I decided to replace it on my main website, but last week someone saw it on one  of my other websites which I dont update too often and they bought it. It just takes the right person to come along  and see it and you have a sale.

It has made me resolve to check what I do have out there on the web as it might have been embarrassing if I had cut it up and used it as scrap paper which I am prone do when practising techniques or developing paintings.

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Another in the beach series. I wanted to do someone working on the beach, but I’m not sure about this – probably too much empty space. The guy is sucking up lugworms from their burrows with a pump device. You then use the worm  for fishing bait. In my day we had to dig them out and you had to  dig fast as they went down their holes as you dug. Still, if you dug judiciously you could dig down two holes at once and double your gain. It was certainly good for the biceps.

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Early evening on Bexhill beach I spotted a group crossing the sands and took some photos. I rearranged the figures and added some seagulls for narrative. In hindsight I could have left out the parents and focussed on the two kids chasing the gulls. I might have a go at that version and see how it turns out. The sun coming from the right lights up the breaking waves, which was another aspect I liked.

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We Walked along the Bexhill Beach in Sussex after an Autumn storm and had lunch at a  bar in Cooden. On returning the waves still pounded the shoreline, scouring the shingle as they returned to the sea and the bright sunshine illuminated the scene. A little way further along some kite skiers made use of the stiff wind, racing over the swelling waves as if they were just flat ice.

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With so many distractions of late this painting was doomed. I debated long and hard about whether just to focus in on the party having afternoon tea, but the setting of the architecture also had appeal. In the end I regretted my decision as the pediments, columns and cornices just became a labour although I still like the contrast of the greys and whites against the corner of colour with the tea drinkers. Maybe its something to try again when things are a little less hectic. I might even have a go at the tea drinkers without the architecture.

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Well there are a few problems with this but I’ll publish it anyway. I like the light on the boats and may do it again, making the boats bigger to fill the foreground. But, in my humble opinion  there are some good aspects as well, so here it is.

It is a similar subject to a painting I saw Joe Dowden had got published in a UK painting magazine years ago. He had blurred the marker flags on the single boat and you got the feeling of a very stiff onshore breeze. I was impressed and called the number at the end of the article. I asked Joe whether he did any courses. He then started to ramble on about cats and dogs and after a few minutes I couldn’t see where he was going. I rephrased the question and asked about lessons. Oh, he replied, I thought you said , did I do horses. I could hear a burst of laughter on the other end of the phone from people around him. At the time he didn’t, but years later he started running courses in Dubrovnik and I went on one. It was very good. Joe is a great teacher. His books are good to, full of very useful techniques, some I have used on this painting. He has a great website too.

I also have a good website: