Another canal scene, but this one is the Lancaster Canal as we came back from Glasson Dock. Again I loved the gloomy atmosphere dissolving the distant land and a shot of light in from the right, illuminating  surfaces and edges. All done in just three colours: Ultra Marine blue, Cadmium red and yellow – all on the warm side.

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I was put off from painting this because of the overwhelming green, but I tried washing in reds, oranges and blues to stir things up and layered in masking fluid so that, although the greens do dominate, there is enough to keep a bit of interest going. I think I took this picture last year when I was out painting plein air on the canal and I am thinking of doing more this year, as this time I wont be recovering from a hip operation that kept me grounded for a couple of months.


I also had another go at Uphill Struggle: the painting of Cape Town’s Waterkant suburb,  I first published a few weeks ago in February. This time I increased the size of the main figure and painted the road in a warmer hue to emphasise the ambience

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I have a couple of watercolour demos to do at the end of the month. In fact they are on consecutive days which is a bit awkward – I need to get that secretary replaced. The first one wanted a canal scene so I have been looking through my images to find something suitable to do. I did this yesterday morning, so with a bit of preparation, like getting my paints ready and having everything to hand, I should be able to do in the allotted hour and a half.

This is a scene I have posted before, both as an on-site sketch and as a more finished painting. The painting never sold and I have made a  few small changes in this version. I am thinking of getting down to the canal and starting to build up a series of canal paintings as they were popular and its always a nice place to sit and paint.

Other canal scenes are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com 


P1020565(1)aEvery time I look at this I end up adding a bit more, so it may move on a little before I exhibit it – but that’s enough for now. I wanted to get the feel of the wear  and decay that I experienced when exploring the city. It uses images I have painted and posted before, as well as new ones.

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P1020504(1)With the equinox turning I thought I might ponder on things to come, well at least for us in the northern hemisphere.

Though no doubt we’ve got a few more good days to come before winter grips it’s pull.

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Before my hip operation I tried to get out and about and do some plein air painting whilst I still had my mobility, but the weather quickly deteriorated towards the end of May so here are my only offerings. Ironically just over the hill and trees in this painting  is the hospital I had my operation in.

Actually when I came out here I thought that there were some better views, but as I walked about, what I thought could be subjects weren’t that good. This seems to be one of my problems with painting outdoors. Eventually I settled on this view, though I did enjoy painting in  the late evening sun.


I walked over the bridge and came down onto the canal bank and saw this narrowboat that I thought was mooring for the night. The low sun on it against the dark background was very alluring, so I set up to paint it. I got my initial drawing done, catching the owner on the back of it. I hadn’t even finished the drawing when the guy opened up the throttle and my subject sailed away. So I had to make it up and in so doing I think I lost a lot of impact. If only I had taken my camera. Another of plein air painting’s perils.

Other landscapes are available for sale on my website:grahammcquadefineart.com



In the dash to fill my long/thin frames for an upcoming exhibition I did one of the Leeds- Liverpool canal from the bridge. I did a similar view a few years ago, but this is from a recent photograph. The orientation really suits this format.

It is also three years to the day that I started this blog. I might buy myself a cake.

Other canal scenes are available on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com