Another medium term project I have set myself is to assemble a set of paintings from around the vicinity where I live to show in my framers shop window around Christmas. The framers is almost opposite the end of this church. This was a first go at St Peter’s Church which I feel is a little stilted.

Another painting which didnt come out as well as I would have liked is a view of Duke Street Cemetery  which is an old municipal cemetery started in Victorian times.


I was working from a number of photos, trying to get the best view through the trees along with the turn of the path. What I have done is getting the tombstones on a different scale to the chapel building. I did wonder why I needed to slip in memorial stones to fill the gaps. So here is another one for rework – though I am not sure of the commercial value of a graveyard,  I do love the spring sunshine working through the unfolding leaves.

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I went to Chester the other week primarily to see a contemporary watercolour exhibition, but the person I was with wanted to visit a sculpture exhibition in the cathedral which contained a work by the brother of someone we paint with in a life group. In fact they were dismantling the exhibition when we arrived – I didnt even know it was running – but there were still a good number of exhibits on show by many world class sculptors. Some of the work was displayed in the cathedral  grounds and as we were walking through in the sunshine, there were  people sitting in the sun, surrounded by the great pillars and walls of the building, taking a lunchtime break. I thought I might paint something from a couple of the pictures I took.

The watercolour painting was also quite interesting, featuring some local artists, two of whom I knew – and the day was glorious for a walk around Chester.

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If you’re thinking that you may have seen this before, you’re correct I have posted it once already. The reason why I am doing it again is that I entered this painting, along with a couple of others, into a national painting magazine competition and this has been shortlisted. Artists and Illustrators (the magazine) even published the image in their January edition along with a few of the other shortlisted paintings.

It’s the first competition I’ve entered as I have qualms with the validity of such exercises, but if it helps in  sales and exposure then I can be persuaded.

It will be part of an exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London at the back end of January, along with the other shortlisted entries and where a winner? will be announced.

There is also an online, readers’ choice award where you can vote for my entry, or one of the others if you choose, by going to:  

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We wandered into Santiago Cathedral on Easter Sunday, sightseeing and unaware of the time. When we got in there was a service taking place, so we walked around the outside, but coming down the outside aisle came a procession with the head man. With incense and crosses they marched past us and I turned towards the main door and saw a lad holding out his hand. In the light there seemed a sense of spirituality, even to me.

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