When I was abroad I received a commission to paint a cottage in Cartmel which is in the English Lake District in Cumbria. It will be for a present. The cottage seems to be an old mill, set beside the village stream. On drawing it I realised that there was no symmetry in this building. The photo I received is rather flat and taken in winter, so I have added some colour and put the leaves back on the trees.


Being away on the run-up to Christmas has caused me to miss some of the exhibitions around here. I managed to get my framer, Glynn, to hold his window for me so at least I got some paintings out before Christmas ( but only just). I have restricted it to landscapes of the area around us and called it ‘ Behind the Dunes’ as we have a very sandy beach around here. I forgot my camera when I set it up but here is an image from last year – apologies for the quality and my bike getting into the frame.

Thanks to Glynn at Ges Bur Studios, Southport for the space.

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P1020443(1)Another image from my early morning cycle ride the other week. I loved the way the buildings become part of the trees, emerging out of the woods. It appears that there is quite a tight chromatic range, but I used more colours on this than the previous paintings where I used just  three. Here I used six colours. Not sure if it is very commercial, but I am taken by its earthiness.

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Well, firstly, seasons greetings to  all my reader. I hope 2017 turns out less fretful and more hopeful than it looks like it’s going to be around here at present.Still, it was hope which lingered after Pandora opened her box of tricks.

This image is for a company which uses my images. They asked me for something to illustrate “fresh cotton” scent, whatever that is. They mentioned cottages, cotton clothes on the line and greenery, so I took the image of  an old painting of mine which I had sold, found a cottage and added some sheets. I hope they like it. I think it really meets the brief, but then you never know.

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