I took the opportunity to play around with colour on this painting of a country lane close to Little Crosby. Blocks of discrete colour arranged according to tone. In the shadows it allowed some quite diverse and strange selections which added punch and when completed, surprisingly, looked quite natural.

I was also pleased with the feeling of light I achieved which reflected the the bright summer’s evening with the wheat ripening in the field beyond.

The process is quite time consuming. Normally I can cover big areas with quick brushstokes – but not on this one. The methodology slowed me down and made me consider the placement of colour more analytically.

I added the dogwalker at the end as an afterthought, subsuming them into the landscape as I had been that day, painting in the evening light.

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We were moving up and down the country recently and travelling down the east side we stopped off at St Ives near Cambridge where we lived many years ago. We took a walk along the River Ouse and I saw a number of scenes which individually had some charm and interest but I felt could be combined to give an archetypical image of England on a summer’s day.

At first I couldn’t work out how to combine the different aspects I wanted to include and then I realised I could do it with a long thin format turned on it’s side, giving a long depth of field. It was almost as if I’d cut a slice of the countryside  and served it up as a painting.

Other landscape painting is on my website : grahammcquadefineart.com