I have been continuing to play with acrylic inks. I completed a painting on canvas using inks and acrylic paint which I was pleased with. It had a floral connotations so have I have been searching for other themes for a new painting.

So I started to look at dance and movement which the ink lines can evoke. So this was the idea behind the top two – though the top one did take on a life of it’s own.

Continuing the movement theme, above, I tried to run the watercolour washes counter to the movements of the acrylic inks.

Another potential theme was the urban environment. The straight lines that the droppers of ink can easily produce convey man made objects.

And of course, I looked at the landscape, but this time I added the ink to watercolour washes rather than the other way around as I had done on the first four above.

Finally another landscape theme on a preprepared watercolour wash, but along with the acrylic inks I added some pastel as well.

Still playing. It keeps me off the streets.

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I saw some work on a blog by an Israeli artist painting faces in blocks of colour which was very striking and this got me thinking. I didn’t want to paint a portrait and  I wanted some sense to the background so I came up with this. There is a bit more I might do to improve it,  this but essentially it’s done . The work I saw used bigger blocks of colour – something I wished I had done as I got into this, although I did want to have the patches smaller and more diverse towards the bottom. Mixing diverse colours from just six base colours and white you begin to get a little stir crazy after a while.

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Happy New Year Everyone!

This is another in my café/France series I started a few months back. I put some of those paintings in a small exhibition at a local Bistro, though nothing sold. They were in the blocked style I have been experimenting in which may not be to everyone’s or anyone’s taste, but undeterred I thought I’d do another one.

This was at a café in the south of France where we were eating and three musicians came by and started to play. Within seconds a couple jumped up and started to jive. It brightened up a dull day.

Other paintings for sale are on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com



This is the third of three full sized paintings (76x50cm) I have just completed using liquid acrylics. I wanted a few colourful paintings playing around in a watercolour style. I showed sketches of the others in previous blogs. Below are the final paintings.

I wanted to get a series and, although I have my favourite, I am pleased with the outcome of them all.


This is called Dancing the Blues Away


This is called The Rhythm of the Flow

I will upload these to my website: grahammcquadefineart.com