Last week I discarded the last crutch and the doctor gave me the ok to drive, so I started to return to the life sessions. I eased myself in with some charcoal drawings.


I might even have a look at a portrait group which meets weekly, now that I can drive again.

P1020537(1)aOther life drawings and paintings are available for sale on my website:




I was having a cull of my old sketch books the other day, trying to keep my old paintings and drawings down to a manageable size. I came across these drawings done, at various times,  in sanguine crayon.


I must admit to enjoying working in this medium on toned paper, but I would end up doing loads of them to the exclusion of trying new things and experimenting. I find the slow construction of them meditative, yet forms are quickly built and I suppose I could use them for more detailed pieces if I had the mind to.


So perhaps I might have another go on larger sheets – these are all  from 16×12 ins pads. Its good to have a look at what you have done in the past and at least I can easily get around  that pile in the corner now.


Here’s to a trip free future.

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