We were driving across the moss behind Formby when the road turned sharp right and I caught a glimpse of the fields ahead. The light on the puddles in the field immediately struck me. I decided to paint it from memory on my return home and here’s the result. Perhaps a few crows might give it some animation.

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I was dropping off a painting to a client when I went down this lane- a part of the town I do not venture down usually and I was taken by the sweep in the road and the red brick against the leaves. Once again I used three colours, but in the relatively flat light the greens could have done with some brightness which a warm yellow and blue fail to deliver. So much for dogma. Still I feel I captured the dowdiness of the scene which may have escaped with more punch.

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Over the last few days we’ve had some good weather so I’ve been out on my bike. This first one is Formby Golf Club from the rough. I had gone out to do a woodland scene, but a dogwalker was nearby when I wanted to suss out the scene and she might have thought me predatory, so I went on and found this instead.


Another dog walker came by when I was doing this near Hesketh Bank and was concerned that I was doing a drainage course which is officially called the River Douglas and flows into the Ribble Estuary. He offered to pose  for me, but it got withdrawn when I demanded he remove his clothes – perhaps another time.



This is from the old railway bridge of the dismantled Cheshire lines which is now a cyclepath between Southport and Maghull. I don’t think I got the mood of the evening. There were more variations in the greens and the low evening light gave some great tonal contrasts which have eluded me here. I was having to work quick as the light was going and I had quite a long ride to get home without any lights. I might have another go at this.


A view of the old Clieves’ Hills into the morning light.


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I was browsing through a load of images of my old paintings that I hold digitally  and I saw one that caught my eye. It was of a painting long consigned to the bin as there wasn’t much happening and it really needed a subject. Then I thought of another recent post that I hadn’t been overly impressed with and felt I could combine the two and come out with something greater than the sum of the parts. Regulars will recognise the subjects, but the sunrise and the colours do give a more coherent picture. The actual fields depicted are ones which are near a stables so my fiction might not be too far from the truth. Only time will tell.

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Here’s the second painting I did from my aborted visit to the life class I mentioned in a previous post showing the other view of Formby. As I said then it was a gloriously sunny morning and the yellowing trees gave the place even more colour. Then add the sunshades over the greengrocers and florists and you could have been in the south of France.

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Last week I went to an old life drawing group I used to belong to in Formby. It was a bright, sunny morning and I took the train and walked through town to the venue only to find the place locked up and looking like it was ready for demolition. Cutting my losses I decided to take a few photos . This is an area next to a big supermarket which is hidden by the trees on the left, but the light was great and the shadows created a liveliness and I thought that it might be worth a paint. I took a few more photos so I might be doing a few more pictures of the town.

When I got home I found out the group had been forced to move and will be resuming in a new venue which is right outside the station next month.

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This is the third of the woodland paintings. I have done this before, but on twice the size and I wasn’t happy with it. This is quarter imperial and does work a little better than the previous one I did.

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