I have been doing a lot of walking as part of my recuperation from  a hip operation. This means looking into gardens as I slowly pass by. On one occasion  I saw a great view through a gate into a sunlit back garden and wondered whether I could make some kind of painting from it . I then realised I needed a point of interest for the view, but when I decided on a slumbering subject I realised that perhaps a fence and a gate didn’t make for a very interesting foreground.  So I opened  up the foreground and put some peonies and catnip  there instead. So the painting bears absolutely no resemblance to what I saw – except perhaps a sunlit lawn –  it has just been built up out of necessity. Well, it amuses me anyway.

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Well, firstly, seasons greetings to  all my reader. I hope 2017 turns out less fretful and more hopeful than it looks like it’s going to be around here at present.Still, it was hope which lingered after Pandora opened her box of tricks.

This image is for a company which uses my images. They asked me for something to illustrate “fresh cotton” scent, whatever that is. They mentioned cottages, cotton clothes on the line and greenery, so I took the image of  an old painting of mine which I had sold, found a cottage and added some sheets. I hope they like it. I think it really meets the brief, but then you never know.

Other landscapes can be found on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com