The final painting of my local series on Birkdale is of the main golf course ( one of many around here). It had to be included in a series on Birkdale. I had painted it before, but from the outside and the 1920’s modernist style with its angular shapes is really set off in the morning light. This time I did it from the ‘playing’ side – so it had to be from photos – they dont allow riff-raff  like me to trample over their lush greens. I wanted a long format to complement the previous painting I did of New Cut Lane, I posted last week and thought that the long clubhouse would fit the bill, but as you can see below, halfway through I didnt feel it was working and turned to a landscape format. Not too sure about this even, but that completes the series. I now have 14 paintings – so that should be enough. The exhibition isnt until December, so I have time to reconsider and change. Now on to the next project…


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There is a track connecting Southport with Formby which I frequently cycle down that cuts across Formby golf Club. I was down there earlier in the summer and sat and painted the scene which I posted on this blog. I decided to do another version in the light of some local exhibitions which are looming just before Christmas. So here it is with a couple of golfers who were way back in the distance and who I captured on the camera,  dragged forward to add to the interest.

I loved the light and shadow across the fairways which recede into the distance and the light which picks out facets on the clubhouse.

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