Taking a break from my series of watercolours, I thought that I would do something with acrylics. I have to give an acrylic painting  demonstration in Blackpool next week and decided to feature this piece which I posted on my blog some years ago.  It is done with square brushes to block in colour and, hopefully, encourages looseness and produces a more painterly piece, which some people prefer. I like to have a run through of a demonstration  to ensure that I can complete it in the allotted time and this one is a bit bigger than the normal size I demonstrate.

Other acrylic paintings for sale are available on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com



This is the tenth and last in my café series. The myriad of passages in Venice have many small shops and cafes and this was one in a dingy and worn walkway that ran between the canals. On the outside the buildings look almost derelict, but inside they are immaculate – or at least the ones I went into. The numbering of the houses is also very strange. Numbering is not just for a passage, but for the whole district, so the numbers go down one side, come back up the other side and then continue into the next passage and the next one until you come to the perimeter of the district. It certainly confused me at first.

I will be putting this and the other paintings in my café series on my website:  grahammcquadefineart.com shortly