South to Puno on Lake Titicaca near the Bolivian border. The Uros  developed a system of floating islands to avoid hostile tribes. You can visit them and they are  supported by the Peruvian government as a tourist attraction. The modern Uros have solar panels on their reed huts, floating schools and community centres . Though the school didn’t look like it had been  made of reeds. These huts I have painted were a mock up in the hotel grounds, but I liked the juxtaposition of them against modern Puno in the background.


After visiting the Uros we went further out into the lake and landed on the Island of Taquile. Here the indigenous people follow the old Inca Creed and run their own tourist regime. I managed this just before lunch. I liked the red corrugated roofs against the blue of the lakes with some of the snow capped Bolivian mountains in the background.

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