The heatwave continues -not good news for my garden – forcing me  up early to explore the local area. I see these cottages when I travel by train into Liverpool and their shapes always catch my eye, so I set my stool up along the lane which leads to the railway line, As I painted  a dog came along and attacked me, knocking over my cup of tea, and water container.  It wasnt very big – just a nuisance. The owner followed and kicked the dog away and wanted some info on my website and prices  – but as to yet no sales,


The next day I set down by the River Douglas, warily watched by grazing sheep – though none attacked.  which meant I could drink my tea

. Wading birds stilted the muddy flats and squabbling ducks caused a heron to fly off for more  peaceful fishing.


This is a bit further down the River Douglas . I wanted to get closer to the moored boat, but despite over half an hour of trying I had to settle for this  original view. I have a rule where I dont paint things I can barely see, but after all my efforts and the sun getting higher,  I let slip this rule, though with my telephoto lens I did get enough should I want to paint it at home.

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Another spell of sunny weather has made me get up early and take the paintbrushes for some exercise. Normally by now our summer has crashed into an indifferent greyness. I suppose this could be the upside of global warming. So back to the Leeds Liverpool Canal for this one by Heaton Bridge. I liked the interplay of light and shade and I could make more of it if I did it in the studio.


Another one by Heaton Bridge on the canal. I even painted my own car in the background. I had to duck in and out of the shade on this one, as I needed the sun to dry the washes before moving on.


And finally one from this morning. I took the bike and cycled around the lanes north of Crosby. Here is one of the many farms. Swallows gathered on the power cables in the dewy morning,  but had disappeared by the time I had finished  and lapwings made noisy overtures to any encroachers. Apart from that, well away from the road, all I could hear was the occasionally barking dog in the early stillness.

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I continue building up some long format paintings for an upcoming exhibition. I decided on doing a couple of local churches. The top one is Sefton Church. It is a view I’ve done before. I sold the first one in an exhibition at the town hall. Later I got a phone call asking for another painting of Sefton church as the mayor of Sefton wanted a present for a foreign visit, but they didn’t seem to like my other views of the church – well I didn’t hear from them again.

The other church is St Marys at Little Crosby, again from across the autumnal fields, but this time there is a little bit more detail as the light is coming from the right.

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With some good weather in these parts I have been out on my bike doing a bit of plein air painting. This is of a farm in Little Crosby – an place I have painted many times.


This is another farm just down the road from the first painting on the flat Lancashire plain, north of Liverpool.


This was done a little earlier on the beach at Southport in the evening.


This one is at the other end of the country, on the south coast. This is of the old lifeboathouse at Winchelsea where in 1928 the lifeboat was launched to a stricken vessel.

In the meantime the crew was rescued by another boat, but the lifeboat wasn’t  informed and they continued  into the storm and all  the lifeboatmen were killed. The old  shed remains as a memorial.

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I was taking some paintings to an exhibition at the Crosby Hall Educational Trust, which opens tomorrow, when I turned down Back Lane which leads to Crosby Hall and saw the autumn trees in the sunshine. With the shaded areas in blues and purples there was a great clash of complementary colours giving the scene even more zing. I tried to paint the distant trees on damp paper whilst splattering the foreground trees. The light on the wall also gives a focus.

Other paintings of little Crosby can be found on my web site under the sold section – Artists page-