I did this on white paper and so dont have patches of undercolour showing through. The guy in yellow with his hand behind his head, half in and out of shadow, attracted me at first, but as a worked, his dining companion, the lady with the sunglasses, took over as the focal point.

I am not sure whether a unifying undercolour might help here. It seemed to make it more laborious covering all the surface with paint rather than being able to leave slivers of another colour. I also had concerns over the large areas of shadow and the rather crudely painted roadway, but I will give it some space and look at it again later. With acrylics reworking areas are very straightforward.

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On 30th May, I posted several watercolour sketches of Corsica, one of which was done in the lovely port of St Florent in northern Corsica. I was painting close to this fountain, in the shade myself, painting another part of the square. A number of people came to the fountain and they made some interesting groupings. I took some photos as I waited for my paint to dry and I decided to combine a number of the photos to give me this composite view.

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Calvi citadel in the morning, looking down on the port below. The French Foreign Legion, well a few of them anyway, gathered at the building on the left for their morning run as I sat and painted. There is a big Foreign Legion camp just up the road and the paratroopers have their HQ in this citadel.


The Chapel of Notre Dame De La Serra sits high above Calvi  town giving great views of the bay and town. However,  it is still dwarfed by the surrounding hills and mountains


We took a trip to St Florent which seemed a smaller and les frenetic version of St Tropez. I sat in the central square and started this painting. As I worked a woman came up and asked me how I was getting on. She was an artist who owned a gallery right by where I was working. It was shut for lunch and she was returning to reopen. She came back again to further review progress. I thought that she was going to give me a mark.

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