Walking back from Bowness to Waterhead in Ambleside along the side of Wansfell Pike recently, I could see the rain coming in off the sea and making its way towards Windermere and me. I have been thinking of doing this in oils and thought a sketch in pastels might be worthwhile first.

I love the patches of illuminated country picked out against the formless gloom and the way landforms are lost and found in the low cloud.

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I have done a similar painting in the past of the boats gathered at the north end of Windermere in the English Lake District. The morning sun catches the surfaces of the boats. By darkening the water, highlights on the vessels are possible. I hadn’t tried this before. All the water surface has been darkened, though it doesn’t look like it. I reserved the lights for some of the vessels and the edge of the swan.

I once painted this scene on a winter’s morning, but gave up when the water on my palette froze. I should have tried the old trick of using alcohol, but decided for a photo instead and went inside for breakfast.

Other Lake District paintings are on my website . The other painting can be seen in the Sold section.

Morning at Ambleside, Lake District

Mrorning at Ambleside, Lake District

A watercolour of Lake Windermere at Water Head with the early morning light. I did a similar scene one November and was slowed by the water on my palette freezing. Not having any alcohol available I returned for a cup of tea.
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