The image of this face reminded me of something you see carved on stone memorials with the sadness of a pieta. I thought that the addition of outstretched arms might convey the wings of this descending spirit and I set it against the bright colour of stained glass to push the spirituality further, though the resulting cruciform seemed enough.

Besides, life sessions are starting around here soon and I thought I needed practice and the different angle of the head appealed. I was going to do so much during this last year on figurative approaches but other things got in the way. Maybe with the pastels out I will have a flick through old sketch books and see if anything appeals.

Other figurative work is available for sale on my website:

11 thoughts on “ANGEL – PASTEL PAINTING

    • Thanks Tiffany – I find strange and difficult angles really make you look and consider when life drawing – out go all the well documented ratios and proportions and you have to work hard to make things look right.


  1. Good job on a difficult angle. Very spiritual and evocative. Reminds me of some crucifixion art. Or, the expression and pose of the central subject of Goya’s Third of May came to mind. Also, The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa. Well done!

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