Last month I posted some sketches for this painting. Since then I have developed it further and it is now on this 50x76cm canvas. Running liquid acrylics about on the canvas opened up other possibilities but I have generally built on the sketches rather than altering them. I’ll leave this alone for a while before making any assessment of it. One thing I am conscious about is that changing the scale of a piece can make a difference to how I feel about it and, for me, many times I have found out that bigger isnt necessarily better.

Other music inspired paintings are available for sale on my website:


  1. Nice painting, you really captured the musicians well, and I really do get that sense that they are right in the middle of their musical piece with loud Trumpets, Pianos, and Bass Guitar. lol.. I’m not 100% familiar with wind instuments. I also like your use of primary colours, it looks like a combination of fire, and nebulas or something.

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    • Thanks Shawn. I wanted a break between the two cloud masses at the top and using poured acrylics I lost control at the bottom under where the figures were going to be, when the yellow turned orange and red, so I lit a fire there, just on a whim.


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