I painted this scene many years ago, before I started this blog, and came across it the other day when I was sorting out my studio. I felt it needed some good darks to carry it off and running in strong colours can be quite tricky which is why I adopted the approach below.

Seeing my earlier attempt I thought that I would try again. Hopefully I have got the solidity and reflection I was after.

Other paintings of the Lake District are available on my website:


  1. They are both lovely for different reasons. However, I do prefer the first one because of the added depth of colour which makes it more interesting I feel. I cringe when I see some of the art I posted years ago but then, we are all learning as we go along and the importance is to just get it done. And so, I have to tell myself that maybe as I make my art public, I am helping someone else who is just starting. Anyway, I guess I have developed a thicker skin too along the way, which isn’t a bad thing for an artist, amateur or not! 😉

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    • Thanks Louise. You need a thick skin doing this. But idiocy like this slips off easily as they display childish ignorance when they presume some measurable meritocracy in art. I wonder what units of measure they use. You either like it of you dont either as an individual or as an institution – that’s subjectivity for you. Very different to objectivity.

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  2. Though I feel more at ease with the newer (top) work, Graham, I also feel more drawn in and energized by the older work, so both work well in differing ways for me, lol! I’m just beginning watercolor exploration, so I can only aim for work like either one right now 😊

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