I had a bit of time to play around with some forest scenes I had collected from recent visits to our local Ainsdale and Formby woods. On the top painting I did the colour mixing on the paper adding water to push colour away from the top right and then push and reinforce the dark mixtures on to the bottom right to get contrast and mystery.

This, above, was my first try. I like some of it, but feel that I need some colour contrasts to highlight the point of interest and break the monotony.

This got a bit obvious with streams of light, but has the area of interest I needed in the painting above. Again, with a few tweaks it could be worth another try. I think if I push the bottom area up into the `middle it might enliven it a little.

There may be more if I get some spare time.

Other forest scenes are available for sale on my website:


    • Glad you like it Ken. Yeah, all work has merit. The ones you dont like have the merit of making you do something different – though I do have a bit of a goldfish mentality and end up doing the same again on occasions.

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    • Thanks Suzanne. Just a small Panasonic Lumix – hand held. I set it to 14mpixels and retain the image then reduce a copy to put on the internet. I once entered a competition where they wanted a high res image to view the brushstrokes. Someone had too much time on their hands in my opinion – anyway since then I hold a high resolution copy and I can do what I want with it..

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    • The reply button to your second comment is missing, so I will do it this way.
      The colour balance on the camera can also be problematical, so it may not resolve all your problems. I have particular difficulty at times with photographing my pastel work. SOmetimes what looks good in the flesh can look awful as an image. I suspect that some of the dyes in the pastels fluoresce creating problems – so it is not always the fault of the camera.

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      • Indeed a lot of factors influence the results! I once took a photography course on how to photograph our artworks and in the end, the teacher could not do better than me, especially when it comes to dark tones and light subtleties in oil paint… well !

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