On holiday the other week I took to sketching people sat on benches. I worked a couple up to see what they looked like with the idea of doing a small set of work. Here are the first two. I liked this view of mother and daughter? with the girl sitting in a casual pose and the pair in deep conversation.

This one was of a couple in Manor Gardens, in Bexhill – the subject of a couple of paintings I posted recently. It looked like they made a habit of having their lunch in a shady spot in the gardens and looked well at home there. They observed the comings and goings and commented on them as they ate.

I tried to keep these painting loose, using a palette knife in parts. I am looking to do about four of them.

Other figurative work is available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart,com


  1. “Really” like these, Graham! Gone back & forth wanting to decide which I liked best but can’t, lol! The adorableness of each one, the nuance of gesture you captured (and chose) in your rendition is quite touching; reassuring even, reminding me of qualities of life very much worth seeing, and remembering 💕

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