A troll has landed on my site like some bird-droppings on my shoulder. Making oblique, sarcastic comments, they clearly dont like my paintings and repetitively parrot this distaste. It seems that they particularly dislike canals and narrowboats – or barges, as they put it. So I thought I’d post another one – just for them.

I dont like some of the  stuff either and the last one they commented on had a glaring error which seems to have gone right over their head whilst they focused on their superior taste – yeah they seem to have some hierarchy  reverberating in their empty head at which they naturally place themselves at the top and me squarely at the bottom. Its sad to hear the poor onanist  on full sneer, unable to discern between objectivity and subjectivity.  They may grow out of it, though I doubt it.

I dont know whether any other bloggers have the tedium of these style fascists, but you wonder about their mentality and why, when they see something they dislike, they dont just move on. I mean, I dont mind criticism, and deserve it, but haranguing someone because they dont match your tastes is bewildering at the least.

Anyway enough of this. If you like what you see I have a website of paintings for sale on, though you’ll have to form an orderly queue behind the style fascist who will be placing an extensive order.


  1. Don’t mind them, Graham. I’m sure many people love your work like I do. Keep posting and creating please. I find these really inspiring. ♥

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  2. Hey, Graham – my sympathy! Does Blogger offer screening for comments? WordPress does, and it does a pretty good job. If you can force screening of blog comments, it might be worth it. There is always someone out there with something unpleasant to say. Here in the US, it’s become the new normal. BTW – I LIKE YOUR WORK!!!!!

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    • Thanks for the vote of confidence. At the start their stupidity amuses me and I reply, but after repeated abuse it gets boring so they will get blocked. Though they could start another assault with a new account.
      We’ll see.

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  3. I’ve been spammed, and WordPress has caught that for me. Also, I did have one insistent reader who wanted me to critically read their poems, when I declined, they got a bit ‘shirty’. I just deleted their posts from my site and they eventually stopped.

    I’ve used the internet since the 1980s (!), and trolling and ‘flaming’ have always been around. Sigh.

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  4. Don’t feed the trolls 🙂 some people do these things for “sport” or to antagonise, if their criticism isn’t constructive I’d treat it as noise and delete or ignore it.
    I love your paintings and look forward to your posts. x

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    • Thanks Sunnyfae, I treated the idiot as sport myself for a quite a while. But as time went on and they just kept on with the same snide cheap shots and became boring. Theyre blocked now.
      I’m waiting for them to complain on a new account as they are prone to sanctimonious outbursts. Anyway, ’nuff said.

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  5. Love your work! Keep it up! 🙂 In my opinion painting is not about getting the style right, but to convey different moods and sceneries in your own way 🙂

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