We’ve been on the road quite a bit recently visiting friends and currently celebrating the wife’s birthday in Dublin, but earlier in the week I managed to tear myself away and get some painting done. These are farms just north of Liverpool. The one above is Whitedge farm, the last painting, I did on my Tuesday morning trip.

Compare that to the softer effects of my first painting of the morning of another farm, Moss farm, below.

I think the effects are down to the slower drying rates you get in the cooler early morning. The top painting was done around 8-30 am, with the sun climbing in the sky, whilst the first, of Moss Farm, was done around 6-30 am. After doing this first sketch I continued along the track and painted Moss Farm again but from the right hand side as you look in the view above.

This was done contra jour and with a stiff brush I was able to remove paint to create some of the forms I could just see on the farm. This cluster of buildings isnt very pretty, but I think both paintings conceal most of the ugliness.

An enjoyable few hours on a glorious morning and the good weather continues here in Dublin. Just about to go off on a walking tour of the city.

Other landscapes are available for sale on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


  1. Thanks Tiffany. it’s the second time in Dublin and they’re in the middle of a heatwave at present. Too many white legged Irishmen tottering around in shorts makes you realise that this is a rare occurrence. But they are a friendly crowd – even in the rain.

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  2. Your paintings always have so much to explore! Beautifully fascinating! I didn’t know exactly what “contre-jour” meant (altho I had a clue based on the literal translation) so I looked it up. Thank you for that new knowledge!! My personal fav is the last one, primarily because it makes me feel like I’m moving on that road, approaching those buildings. And the colors smell good. (I know that sounds silly but it’s real to me🤗.) 👏🥰👏

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