Another view from Ainsdale pine woods near to my home, where the firs and bracken have populated the old sand dunes down to the beach.

You can understand, in a more credulous age, the belief in sprites and fairies as the morning light bristles or crepuscular darks grow.

And another go at the view of the woods and path I posted a few weeks ago. The first one was quickly done on the back of an old painting and I loved the glow I achieved. Unfortunately some of the old painting had been cut down so it didnt fit my frames and mounts. Hence this second attempt on a fresh sheet.

Other paintings of the Sefton coast are available for sale at great prices on my website: grahammcquadefineart.com


    • Thanks Ken, glad you like them. There might be another in the pipeline, but you need to keep trying other things otherwise you get stale and besides, there is a limited market for Ainsdale wood scenes and I fear I may have already reached it.


    • Thanks Tiffany. I think its the higher percentage of darks in the first one that gives that impression. There’s a lit more mid-tone in the second one – as in that one I was more interested in the glowing light.


    • Thanks Mary. Mine rarely turn out as I want – I just keep plugging on.
      Any painting is difficult. I am presently struggling with an acrylic.
      With watercolour you do have to plan ahead and that can mean trying it out on scrap paper to see the result. Sometimes you get better results than you ever imagined.
      If it is still something you want to do – give it a go. Start simple and see where it gets you.

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